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elysium meets ________.

when i was growing up, i watched the secret garden. it was the old version from 1987, on vhs, i have never met anyone who has seen it. it was my favorite movie. . . i was just looking for chopin music in e minor, because he composed 'mazurka in e minor' and it was a cherished piece of music to me, loved during my kierkegaard winter shut in. and then, while looking for it, just now, i happened upon this incredible, most perfect and sublime moment. as i clicked on 'nocturne in e minor op 72, nr 1.' there it was, the piece that has haunted me forever. it was in the soundtrack to the secret garden. i sill haven't shared watching that movie with anyone, like casablanca, i'm saving it; in contrast, i don't think i ever will, it's too important to me.

here's what it sounds like:

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