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Preconceived Notions

(and so they brought baggage)

she went by dualist
21 February 1984
Standing at the top of the hill, smoking by some strangled looking tree, orange leaves are everywhere. The tip of my cigarette needs ashing, keeps increasing because I'm reading.
Impressions I am thinking about giving you, are a little disconnected from each other.

accedo adeo est, air, akron/family, american marlboro reds, animal collective, anime, antony and the johnsons, autolux, beirut, ben templesmith, benson and hedges, bergman, bertrand russell, bipolar, blonde redhead, bob dylan, buttons, calexico, cat power, chapterhouse, charles bukowski, charles mingus, charlie kauffman, chess, chobits, chronotrigger, comic books, conceptual art, cowboy beebop, cronenberg, daniel johnston, darren aronofsky, david lynch, devendra banhart, different people, dinosaur jr., discordance axis, dostoyevsky, e.e. cummings, edward gorey, elliott smith, environmentalists, falling asleep, feeling fallen, fernando pessoa, final fantasy, fornication, frog eyes, grandaddy, grindcore, hakuri murakami, hayao miyazaki, heidegger, hemingway, high fidelity, human conditions, human rights, integrity, intelligence, iron and wine, j.d salinger, japan, jazz, jonathan lethem, jonathan weiner, joy division, kissing, kitties, lambchop, legend, lethargy, lou barlow, m ward, mazurka in e minor, mercury rev, mew, miles davis, mogwai, mono, morrissey, my bloody valentine, my morning jacket, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, old book shops, old speakers, orange light in fall, organic food, painting, pavement, people avoiding, philosophy, photography, punch drunk love, radiohead, reading to each other, restlessness, reverence, robert sedlack, rumah sakit, rushmore, samuel beckett, seabear, sigur ros, six feet under, skating, slowdive, smashing pumpkins, snow in the mecca, sofia coppola, sonic youth, soren kierkegaard, sparklehorse, stanley getz, star wars, staying in, still life with woodpecker, sufjan stevens, sun kil moon, sunny day real estate, ted mckeevers, the beatles, the jesus lizard, the last unicorn, the microphones, the n.a.c, the onefoldness, the pixies, the royal tenenbaums, the secret of nimh, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the velvet underground, thimbles, thin shirts, thought, tim burton, timothy findley, tom gauld /simone lia, tragicomedies, tramps like us, unrequited love, vic chesnutt, vintage, vinyls, wes anderson, wilco, will oldham, writing